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Can you identify it?
Published on June 27, 2007 By KarmaGirl In Wildlife

I have seen this weird bird by the pond by our office a couple mornings.  This morning, I took a couple pictures of it (through my office window).  It looks like some sort of a Loon, but I've never seen a bird like this before.  Anyone know what it is?

Here it is with its neck down:

Here it is with its neck extended:

And here it is once it flew up into a tree:

on Jun 27, 2007
Not sure, but I can definitively say that it is not a loon...
on Jun 27, 2007

Here's a fun (and free) tool to use when trying to identify birds, it's easy to use and can narrow things down quite a bit. Link

Thanks!  I used that to figure out what it was, then find better pics on the net to confirm.  It's a Green Heron:  http://thebirdguide.com/digiscoping/photos/green_heron.htm

I had no idea it even existed, especially around here!

on Jun 28, 2007

flourescent-orange-traffic-cone bird

I think that is a better name for it, actually.  LOL

I'm still freaked out at how much that heron can stretch its neck out.  Freaky little bird.

on Jun 28, 2007

"fat midget tuxedo birdies."

Those aren't Chickadees, are they?