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Where to go in S. MI
Published on June 23, 2008 By KarmaGirl In Health & Medicine

I'm not really sure where to stick this, so health & medicine it is!

OK, so people who know me know that's I'm a bit "off"...a bit Obsessive Compulsive (at least that's what the Dr. keeps telling me).  More Compulsive than Obsessive nowadays, as my "crazy pills" seem to be helping with the Obsessive part.

Anyway, people who know me also know that I have a lot of holes in my ears.  At one point, I had 8 in my left and 5 or 6 in my right.  Up until yesterday, I was down to 4 in my left and 2 in my right.  I felt a little off balance, so I decided it was a good day to go pierce my ear with a reverse helix.

So, off to Eternal Piercing I went.  Why there?  Well, a few years ago I decided that it would be cool to pierce my belly button.  Well, in hindsight, I should have listened to the piercer who said that fat people shouldn't pierce their belly button.  Just trust me kiddies- don't do it if you are fat.  But, I like honesty and I had a good experience, so I went back.

The lady that was there was named Stacy, and she had awesome tattoos and piercings (Eternal Piercing is a sister building to Eternal Tattoos....which I'm sure I'll visit some other time during another compulsive weekend) so I figured she would be a great piercer.  I told her what I wanted, then she told me why I didn't want it, so I let her pierce me where she thought it should go, lol.  After a couple seconds, I had a new hole in my head holding a slightly heavier gauge ring than my other piercings.  Here is what it looks like (ignore the wet hair):



Now, one would think that was the end of the story, but it's not.  Remember, I'm a bit "off".  While I was there, and I don't go there often, I decided that I hated my nose more that day than I usually do, and it would look better with a diamond mounted on it.  For the sake of discussion, I have a very "prominent" nose.  My husband likes it, but I have no idea why.  It's just not that attractive.  However, since I was a teen, which was many years ago, I thought that piercing the damn thing would be cool.  So, I did that while I was there, too.  This is what it looks like:

Neither of them really "hurt" to have done.  I deal with a lot of pain on a daily basis, so the piercings didn't really register as pain.  However, my left eye watered when I got my nose pierced.  Apparently, it's a natural reaction that happens to everyone.  Pretty weird. 

So, that was my weekend, how was yours?  hehe

on Jun 23, 2008

First off, you have GREAT skin.

What is it with you Michigan women and the great skin?  You.  Jill.

Shesh.  Send some of that south please.

Second, I am not a fan of piercings for myself, though I think they look ok on other people.  Your nose one isn't very big, is it a diamond?  A silver stud?  How is it hooked in?  Is there a back on it? Can you change it out pretty easy?

I don't plan on doing it, but I am curious.

on Jun 23, 2008
I dont mind the pain, but I am afraid if I get any more holes in my head, what little brains I have left will leak out.
on Jun 23, 2008

Thanks for the skin compliment.  I think it is because we don't get much sun in Michigan, lol!

The nose ring is a diamond stud.  The ring is bent at an angle, so the bent end is parallel with the nostril.  There is no back on it since you would have to pull it a certain way to pull it out.  It seems like it will be easy enough to change out, though I don't plan to try it for about 6 weeks. 

This is what the ring looks like:

on Jun 23, 2008

I dont mind the pain, but I am afraid if I get any more holes in my head, what little brains I have left will leak out.

Well, once they are gone, there is nothing left to worry about

on Jun 23, 2008
Gosh, Karma, you are beautiful! That pic of your face is just lovely!

The piercings look great. Was your husband surprised when you came home with not one, but two? Haha.

I had my belly button pierced years ago, and besides the fact that it never healed because I'm allergic to metal, it was sincerely ugly. I just don't have the belly button (my belly button is on sideways) or the body for it.

I really like the small diamond nose studs. I think they look dainty and pretty and kind of exotic. Does the one in your nose bother you? I have NEVER seen a pic of an actual nose ring before, and I always wondered what the back looked like. It looks uncomfortable!
on Jun 23, 2008

I have always wanted one on my eyebrow.  Not sure why I have never gotten it, I mean, I have all these tattoos so that shouldn't be a big deal. 

Great piercings!


on Jun 23, 2008


Was your husband surprised when you came home with not one, but two? Haha

Not really.  I think he kinda' knew I was going to do it.  I'm not sure I can do much to shock him.  His pretty used to my oddities.  lol

Does the one in your nose bother you?

Actually, I can't feel it at all.  It bothers me less than the ear piercing.  it's petty weird.  I always thought it would be less comfortable than it is.

Great piercings!

Thanks!  You should get your eyebrow pierced- it's not as bad as you think it would be.  If you can get a tattoo, you can handle a piercing!


on Jun 23, 2008

I only have one in each ear, but I'm curious, doesn't having a nose ring feel like a big ol' booger that you can't get out?  What'll it be like when you have a cold, or allergies?  What about blowing your nose...ever?

I think it'd be WEIRD.

Looks cool, though. 

on Jun 24, 2008

I only have one in each ear, but I'm curious, doesn't having a nose ring feel like a big ol' booger that you can't get out?

lol, not really.  I can't actually feel it at all now.  It was pretty swollen the first day, so I could feel the pressure of the ring, but I don't feel it at all now.  I thought it would be a lot harder to get used to than it is.  The only thing that I've had to gt used to is keeping wash cloths and towels away from it.  I'm pretty sure getting a towel hooked on it wouldn't feel fun at all! 

on Jun 24, 2008

I considered getting a Marilyn piercing but wussed out.  I am waiting until I find a new job, they decide they can't live without me then I will get all freaky on them - lol .  I do like both piercings.  Too cool.  I like the idea that someone can get an idea from the outside what's going on the inside which is to say that I'm not normal and don't want to be normal.  Normal is boring. 

What I don't like is the ear stretching on guys - yuck, yuck, yuck.  They are just yuck to me. 

on Jun 24, 2008


What I don't like is the ear stretching on guys - yuck, yuck, yuck. They are just yuck to me.

I'm with you there!  And, unlike regular piercings, you can't look "normal" if you remove a stretch.

on Jun 24, 2008

Love both of the piercings, especially the nose.  I'd love to try it at least once, although I don't know if the husband would approve.

So...how DO they pierce your nose?  They must make the hole before they put the stud in, right?  I'm curious.

Very cute, though.   I used to think that facial piercings were tacky (and I still think that lip piercings have no place in the work place, or tongue piercings where the bearer is constantly working the jewelery around in his or her mouth), but a nose ring or a small eyebrow ring can be tasteful.  And I'm babbling.  Sorry.

on Jun 25, 2008

So...how DO they pierce your nose? They must make the hole before they put the stud in, right? I'm curious.

They put a cork in your nose to make sure they only pierce the nostril, then they use a bent piercing needle to make the hole.  They follow the needle through with the stud, and it's done.  I found being pierced by a needle a lot more pleasant than a gun.  It's more of a pressure sensation than that nasty pinching feeling that you get from a gun.  They also seem to be healing a lot faster.

My ear was pretty hot feeling the first couple days, but I can' even feel it now, and the nose was never red or weird feeling at all. 

I didn't tell my hubby that I was piercing my nose, I just did it.  When I got home, I told him that I'd take it out if he didn't like it after 2 weeks.  However, after he saw it, he wasn't bothered by it at all.  I keep asking him if he's Ok with it, and he just smirks a bit and says it's fine- which is about as much of an approval as he ever gives, lol.