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NHRA lost another one
Published on June 23, 2008 By KarmaGirl In Racing

Scott Kalitta, son of Connie Kalitta, dies this weekend during his last qualifying round in a terrible, fiery accident.  More can be found at:  http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080623/SPORTS16/806230343/1064

This tragedy is one of several over the past couple years for Funny Cars.  Last year, Eric Medlin died after a crash, and not long after that, the great John Force almost lost his life to a horrible crash.

I think it might be time that the drivers, crew and NHRA get together and see what is causing these accidents with Funny Cars.  Is it the speed?  Is it the track?  Are drivers getting knocked out and not being able to pull their chutes and turn the fire suppression on?  What is happening?

Next weekend, I will be attending the Nationals in Norwalk.  I just hope that nothing like this happens while we are there.  I can't even imagine being present while a driver went through this.

I worry about my husband when he drag races, even though he has a relatively slow car when compared to Funny Cars and Dragsters.  i can't even imagine what the families of these drivers feel every time the last light on the tree comes on.

I hope that the Kalitta family and race team finds some peace with this. 

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