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There is one worth eating!
Published on March 12, 2010 By KarmaGirl In Cooking

I have been a Vegetarian for quite some time.  However, due to a new Milk Allergy, I have gone straight out Vegan.  Hives are a real bummer

Anyway, the only thing that kept me from being a Vegan before was CHEESE.  I love cheese- more exactly Cheesy foods like Pizza, Mac and Cheese and cheese melted on other foods.

Vegan cheese is usually gross.  I think I have tried about a dozen types.  All were nasty and ended up making the food worse than it would have been without the substance they thought tasted like cheese.

Then I took a chance and ordered Daiya Cheese from www.veganessentials.com.  Holy Cow!  It's edible!  No, it is not just like cheese, but you can melt on a pizza or make a cheese sauce and actually be happy with it.  For example, I made this "Hawaiian" pizza with it:

This was by far the best Vegan pizza I have eaten.

The "Cheddar" version of this stuff also makes really good cheese sauce for Veggies and Mac and Cheese.  I made a quick sauce and ate it over cauliflower last night and it was amazing.

So, in the world of Vegan Cheese, I'm pretty sure this is the best case.  So, if you want (or need) vegan, this is the way to go!

on Mar 12, 2010

Ok, now for the taste test.  How does it compare to real cheese?