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Too much? Is that possible?
Published on October 28, 2003 By KarmaGirl In Misc
I think that I have found out how much is too much.

Apparently, coffee (well caffeine in general) will actually dehydrate you. If you drink nothing but coffee for....lets say.....3 days, you get a killer headache from dehydration. I thought that I was getting a caffeine headache because it had been a few hours since I had a cup a coffee. Half a pot of coffee later, the headache was worse.

So, being the intelligent soul that I am, I decided to drink a bunch of water to hydrate myself. In hind sight, this was not too smart. When you are dehydrated, your body will quickly store the water that you drink. If you quickly drink a bunch of water, your body very efficiently stores it.

So, I am no longer dehydrated, I no longer have a headache, but I feel like a water balloon. LOL

Morale of the story- you need more in life beside coffee...... but coffee still gets a 5 coffee cup rating, because, well....it's coffee!

on Oct 28, 2003
I recently switched to drinking green tea. It won't dehydrate you as badly and it still has a sufficient amount of that essential nutrient caffeine. Plus it's supposed to fight free radicals, cancer and promote world peace or some such.
on Oct 29, 2003
I'm not sure when one has too much coffee, but I have had too much caffeine in the past. When I was in preparatory school in France (2 years of 40+ hours a week of maths and physics, to prepare for engineer school entering exams), I used to drink full mugs of expresso. I stopped when I realized it was making me very dizzy. But then I had the worst headaches for a few days (I guess it was caffeine withdrawal).
on Oct 29, 2003
Have you tried Jolt Cola?

on Oct 29, 2003
"Have you tried Jolt Cola?"

you have sold your soul to the devil, haven't you......
on Oct 30, 2003
Jolt used to be great for those late night / all night study sessions before exams!
A bottle an hour would keep you going all night, sit your exam in the morning, pass and then collaspe for 2 days
Those were the days,

on Nov 10, 2003
Ah, the 80s linger in the form of Jolt. Jolt Cola, all of the sugar and twice the caffiene! Makes me get the shakes just thinking about it.
on Mar 19, 2004
I was once engaged in excerpting froma a text in drafting my own and was up for over 36 hours trying to beat alibrary deadline for return. I got to drinking coffee with too much sugar, as I am prone to do, and just going and going at my keyboard. Sudenly I starting to lose my vision, and thenm my hearing started to go. I had the sensation I was suddenly dying and could feel my life ebbing - for real. I sat and thought of the movie about taping a deat experience and wanted to quickly type what I was experiencing. I could no longer see the keyboard to type though. I began to lose control of my rear and was positive I was dying right then. As I crawled up the stairs from my basement I could not decide if I would get tot he bathroom or the telephone to call for help. I decided to take the mobile to the bath and then suddently began to recover as the blood circulation of the crawling apparently started to help me.
I had sat and had three pots of coffee in a couple of hours and had had a sugar attack. So I guess you can have too much coffee, but definitely watch the sugar in it as you might end up shi----- yourself and die with your pants at your ankles. Who would want to go like Elvis did?
P.S. I am lucky I recovered as I had left the computer connected to the net and would not have been able to dial out had I needed to. Ha, Ha,. Blog ON.
on May 15, 2004
Red Bull gives you wings. It's the most foul tasting stuff, but it will get you up and buzzing. But there's nothing, nothing at all which beats a rich, full bodied, cup o' joe.