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"body type" is an odd thing
Published on February 22, 2004 By KarmaGirl In Health & Medicine

I was listening to the radio the other day, and there was a plastic surgeon
talking about liposuction.  He was talking to one of the men on the show,
and told him that liposuction wouldn't work well for him even though he was 45
pounds overweight due to his body type.

After listening for awhile, they explained the very simple thing that makes
people look different at the same weight and height.  There are basically
two types of body types:
1) those who store most of their fat under their
2) those who store most of their fat on top of their muscle

(Not sure why that never occurred to me before)

Most men are type 1 whereas most women are type 2 (yay for us).  But,
there are obviously exceptions to that rule.  Most men who are type two are
the ones who don't work out and end up with a spare tire instead of looking
"stocky".  Most women who are type 1 are those who were in shape once, but
then gained weight.

So, people who are type 1 look smaller at the same weight because their
muscle is keeping their fat in shape like a girdle.  Type 2 people will
actually be larger at the same weight because their fat is all free form on the
outside.  Type 1 are not good candidates for liposuction, but they should
slim up easier than type 2 with a sensible diet and exercise.  Type 2 have
a harder time losing weight and actually getting toned up because their muscle
is buried under the fat.

Makes me want to go walk on my treadmill.....

on Feb 22, 2004
That's interesting.. I've never heard of that before.

on Feb 22, 2004
I've seen divisions too. Alot of women seem to store fat under the muscles on the top half of their body, but around the thighs and butt it seems to store on the outside. At least that's how it seems. Also not taking shots at women, I'm talking about women I've dated.
on Feb 22, 2004
Yep, that was just a simple version of body types.  But, like Jeremy said, there is then a breakdown from there.  Like what Jeremy said is a "pear" figure.  It all depends on where your fat cells developed.  Women have more body types then men do.
on Feb 22, 2004
I've often wondered what it would be like if I could switch body types. Not necessarily transform into the ultimate body type that is adored today, but still remain at relatively the same weight but carrying it differently. For instance, I wonder if having a bigger booty would be better than having a nice round tummy. I guess that's just the lazy way of saying I don't feel like working out, but want my fat in a different area sometimes.
on Feb 23, 2004

I had a friend in college who wished your body was like cheese and you could just shave a bit off here and there when you got fat. 

I also had a friend who looked very "normal" from the waist up.  However, her lower half was not so normal.  It was a real problem for her because she could never get dresses and paired clothes to fit.  Her upper half wore Junior sizes, whereas her lower half wore Plus sizes.  Very odd shape and very hard to trim down.  When she dieted, it seemed like her upper half got smaller, but not the lower half making the difference even worse.

on Feb 23, 2004
Most women tend to lose breast size if they don't strengthen their upper body while dieting. Even then, boobs are usually the first to go. Nature is cruel isn't it
My type is type II all over! Although I never carried a lot of fat around my tummy until after having babies. That is a case where if you did have muscle controling your fat, it go stretched beyond return. Not a pretty sight.

I do think that weight is noticable quicker on people who carry it outside the muscle in only parts as opposed to those who carry it evenly all over.
on Feb 24, 2004
Yes, the wonderful after effect of losing weight in boobs- the skin is still there. Then you just have deflated, saggy boobs. Ah...the joy of being female......
on Feb 24, 2004

on Feb 24, 2004
It dosn't look as nice if you carry extra fat and are a type two person, so i guess the solution is to never gain weight (AS IF!) LOL
on Feb 24, 2004
You know there are some people who have fat faces but skinny bodies. I have known several people that if you see just their faces you would think they were fat but they weren't. I look good from the neck up - lol! I would love to see a flat tummy again. It may be the impossible dream without an extreme makeover.
on Feb 25, 2004
Locamama, have you ever seen one of the shows that show facial liposuction? I think I would keep the fat face LOL
on Feb 26, 2004
It also has alot to do with the styles and colors of the clothing that is worn.
Example. Stripes that go from side to side will tend to make you look wider. Stripes that go from top to bottom will make you appear to be taller and more slim.
Now heres an experiment to see just what color you look best in. The color or shirt or top you wear will reflect its color onto your neck and lower portion of your face. While standing in front of a mirror in a well lighted area, hold up a black t-shirt up to yourself and note the dark reflections on your skin. Now try doing the same thing with a white t-shirt. You should see a big difference in skin tones in your neck and face areas. This little experiment will let you know right away if you look best in light colors or dark colors.