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May 7, 2008 by KarmaGirl
Yesterday was my Birthday.  My husband usually doesn't buy me much for my Birthday.  However, I have a feeling that he sensed my annoyance with him not getting me anything (even a card) for Valentine's day (he was snowmobiling that day) or our Anniversary.  And by "sense", what I really mean is the things I say or email him (I'm a bit of a "speak your mind" kind of person, lol).

Anyway, men are men.  They don't always think about their wife the same way they did before the...
February 17, 2005 by KarmaGirl
this was originally a response to Dharma's article at: http://www.joeuser.com/Forums.aspx?ForumID=17&AID=65369
But, it got too long, so I decided to post it on its own.

My husband has only bought me flowers 4 times since I have known him (over 11 years).  The first time was for no reason at all when we were dating/almost engaged.  He used to be in the Merchant Marines (which, in case anyone is confused, is not part of the military.  It is governed by the coast guard, and i...
February 26, 2004 by KarmaGirl
There is this local radio station- Channel 95.5 that has this thing called "The War of The Roses".  This is the basic of it:

A listener calls in and says that they think that their significant other is cheating on them.  The radio station calls up the person that is suspected of cheating.  They say that they are doing market research for flowersbloom.com (which does have a website) and that by answering a few questions that they will send a dozen roses to whomever the person ...
February 24, 2004 by KarmaGirl
This morning on my way to work, I was thinking of all the odd little hang-ups that I have. I am sure that they end up effecting my social life in some ways.  My husband thinks that they are funny.  I find them annoying.  These are the ones that I have identified:

1) I hate people eating with their mouth open, especially if it is crunching something
2) I hate people cracking their knuckles (this comes from having arthritis)
3) Having something obscure my line ...