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August 4, 2008 by KarmaGirl
Some of you may have noticed that I have been MIA for the past couple weeks.  Well, I'm not dead

Week before last, I was where some of you would be very jealous of.  Where was that?  In Las Vegas at a Harley-Davidson dealer show:

Stardock makes two desktop themes ("RAW" and "Classic").  One is available on http://www.stardock.com/products/mycolors/gallery.asp?p=harleydavidsonraw right now, and the other will be soon.

Las Vegas is HOT this time of year, and amazi...
February 9, 2006 by KarmaGirl
Funny things run through my mind during my Zen like driving state while driving to work in the morning.

It popped into my head that "Dharma" needs my dog.  People already associate her with Dharma from Dharma and Greg, so why not?

What do i mean?  Well, Dharma (from Dharma and Greg) had two dogs.  One was "Stinky" who in turn got a dog for his bar mitzvah named "Nunzio".  Nunzio is a tri-colored Welsh Corgi.  My "Holly" is also a tri-colored Welsh Corgi.  Here...
January 6, 2006 by KarmaGirl
Most people have a vice.  Be it smoking, drinking, drugs, or indulging in something they know that they shouldn't.

I have a few, and I know that they are bad for me, yet I find them so hard to give up.  My two large ones are dairy (especially cheese) and coffee.  Many people will say: "Those aren't bad like alcohol and drugs!"  But, to some people, it is.

I have some health issues that I *know* are aggravated by these two food (or drink) choices.  Yet, I am addicte...
December 16, 2005 by KarmaGirl
Since I am lazy, I am going to paste a copy of an IRC conversation that I just had:


<KarmaGirl> last night on the news, there were two women fined $400 each for praying in the courtyard of their apartment complex.  I guess it's not public property, so the apartment complex says their is no "free speech" and that the women were violating other renters rights.
<KarmaGirl> Is that wacked, or what?
<Cordelia> that is completely whacked
December 15, 2005 by KarmaGirl
Our household is very...well..odd when it comes to religion.  I am very open minded to religion and don't believe in one single religion.  My husband attends the "church of the racing gods" on Sunday during drag racing season, but that is as far as it goes for anything organized.

I've never liked "churches", other than the social aspects.  I find religion to be too personal to need such an organized outlet, so it's not shocking that we don't attend one.  But, that makes it...
August 23, 2004 by KarmaGirl
Today has been a complete pile of crap.  Just didn't give me a break.  I started the day off bright and early with a customer from WinCustomize sending me 17 email over the weekend because I was ignoring the one from 1:34am on Sunday.  Hmmmm....didn't know that I worked 24/7... And it was about nothing.

Then, one of our employees (who we regard as family) tells me that his fiance got a job out of state and they are leaving in 3 weeks......that *really* sucks.  But, I hope ...
April 29, 2004 by KarmaGirl
This one isn't quite as cool as the first one, but it was odd anyway.  I can't really tell you the exact location of this, but it is in very Northern lower Michigan.  The great lakes were formed by glaciers, so there are interesting rock formations and hills in Northern Michigan.  We were driving around when I asked my husband "what the heck is that off the road there?"  So, we turned around.  It is a gigantic rock.  Just sitting there.  No real path to it or a...
April 28, 2004 by KarmaGirl
There will be a few of these, but this is probably the best example that I have. 

I recently took a vacation with my hubby.  Nowhere special.  When asked what we were planning on doing, I said "nothing".  We just planned on hanging out and doing what we wanted to do.  One of the things that I tried to do was to see things with a fresh eye.  I traveled to places that I had been to many times before, but I saw things that I never noticed.  This article is abo...
April 26, 2004 by KarmaGirl
One form of meditation is the practice of "thinking about nothing" which is basically voiding your mind of thought.  I've never achieved this, but I do have my own form of meditating that I find similar, but definitely my own style.

It first requires a nice cup of coffee, and a quiet place.  The place does not need to be a temple, or any other special spot.  It just needs to be quiet.  I sit by myself and think about everything that comes to mind.  By doing this, I fi...
April 21, 2004 by KarmaGirl
I really don't get to spend as much time with my husband as I'd like to.  Of course, it's simply not possible to spend enough time with him because there are only 24 hours in the day.

But, luckily, I am going to spending the next 4 days with just him.  We're taking a little retreat "away from it all" for a few days.  Going to spend some time in the area that I grew up in, but have no real plans.  Just going to hang out and enjoy being with each other.

So, I will be gone...