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September 21, 2009 by KarmaGirl
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for awhile, and I have been discussing with my hubby what it should be.  I always felt that tattoos should have some meaning to them. 

Well, if you know me, you know that I have a soft spot for animals.  On top of that, I happen to currently have 4 Dachshunds (weiner dogs) and had a 5th one that died a few years ago.  So, I decided to tattoo a weiner dog on my ankle.  When I went to get it done, they suggested that I do a band...
April 16, 2009 by KarmaGirl
I have a 10 year old daughter that I refer to as "mini-me" (see exhibit "a" below).  She's a crazy kid.  She snowmobiles (exhibit "b"), Drag races (exhibit "c"), plays soccer (exhibit "d"), tames Weasels (exhibit "e") and is a vegetarian (exhibit "f").  And, she'll eat just about anything if it's vegetarian, but not a lot of anything at a time.  This has always been an issue for me because I pack her nice lunches and half it comes back uneaten.

However, the Easter Bun...
September 7, 2007 by KarmaGirl
OK, so this is a rant.  It won't be written well, and it might not even make sense.  It may also have swear words and objectionable text.  So, if you are sensitive, quit reading and go about your happy little fluffy day.

Today, Draginol posted about a Mom who chose to put her family's life at risk (ultimately killing two of them) rather than wait for a train to go by: http://draginol.joeuser.com/index.asp?AID=162120

That was the last straw for my current mood. People suck.&n...
August 30, 2007 by KarmaGirl
So many times I catch myself saying things like: "when I was a kid, we didn't wear bike helmets, and somehow we lived", or "we only had like 3 channels, and I can remember how our first remote was on a cord" or "It used to be that only the kids who were good made the team and played, not everyone who showed up" and things like that.

Well, I was listening to the country station today (all my regular stations had commercials playing or were in 'talk morning' mode..and I was too lazy to dig out ...
August 13, 2007 by KarmaGirl
I had a Birthday party for my husband over the weekend, and there was a discussion about how everything is made in China nowadays.

It started by him opening a gift from me.  It was a pair of shoes.  The company used to make the shoes in the US, now they are made in China.  "Isn't everything?" I said. 

Everyone started talking about this, that and everything else that was made over there.  Then we started talking about food.  As we know, the pet food recalls we...
August 8, 2007 by KarmaGirl
I was meditating on the concept of "peace" during my morning commute.  It's a great idea, isn't it?  The world living in harmony.  Mankind being civil.  People existing without fear.  Families building a home and feeling safe...living a life without violence or senseless loss.


It'll never happen.

There are signs up all over the place saying "Peace- No War!"  What war are the referring to?  One would argue that they are referring to the war in Ira...
December 21, 2006 by KarmaGirl
I started this as a comment on KFC's article "Santa vs Satan" found at: http://forums.joeuser.com/?forumid=39&aid=139116#1082282

However, it got really long and looked like an article, so I decided to move it out of there.  Please read her article first, so that you understand this...or just throw caution to the wind and read this first

This is what was going to be the comment from me:

I haven't read all the comments, so please forgive any statements that I make that have alre...
June 28, 2006 by KarmaGirl
I feel "off" today.  I've been very productive at work this morning, so my work load is fine.  But "I" feel off.  A bit cranky, a bit temperamental, a bit melancholy, a bit frustrated and a bit lost feeling.

It's an odd state of mind that hits me now and then.  It's not like being bi-polar (though I had a shrink try to diagnose me that way once).  It doesn't happen very often, either.  I wouldn't really call it depression, either.  It's just "off".... like I...
June 27, 2006 by KarmaGirl
We have a term around here for employees of Stardock.  We call ourselves Stardockians.  Makes sense, right?

Well, one may wonder what a Stardockian is.  In a current blog by Zoomba (who is becoming a Stardockian) I mentioned that he already seems like one.

Stardockian is more than just an employee.  We have a whole company culture around us that makes us a bit of a "family".  For instance, I was just in a car accident.  "Stardock" sent flowers to my house and ...
June 15, 2006 by KarmaGirl
Random things about Karma... that you may not have ever wanted to know:

- I have only hit two animals in the 19 years that I have been driving: one was a skunk when I was 17, the other was a couple years ago when I hit a bird while driving my sister's mini-van.  How do you miss a bird?

- My ears are pierced 6 times (well...more than that, but those are the ones I use).  4 on the left, 2 on the right.

- I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in over a month.

- I sleep wa...
May 5, 2006 by KarmaGirl
So, if it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth for awhile, it's mainly because the last month has been crazy-busy for me.  So, instead of going into a long story about everything I did, I figured I'd just post random pictures with brief descriptions. 

In April, I went to the RetailVision Show

Which is only a few blocks from the Alamo

Armadillos are funny

I got hit on by Eddie Money

I went on vacation with my husband

We took a cruise and saw a Dolph...
February 9, 2006 by KarmaGirl
The right bar on this main page is not always updating.  The web team knows about it, and will be fixing it once they get to it in the queue.  So, even though your new article doesn't show up over there, it doesn't mean it didn't post.  Please do not repost an article simply because it's not showing up as new in the list.

The main page may have issues through the day as we are working on it.
October 18, 2005 by KarmaGirl
My family has had a lot this month.  My husband lost his Grandma a couple weeks ago.  We had to have our 10 year old dog put down last Friday, and I just found out that an Aunt is going to die in the next few days.  It has been a month filled with sadness and loss.  It seems like we just start feeling a bit better about something, and WHAM! something else hits us.

I have auto-immune diseases which are painful.  However, it appears that emotional pain can...
July 13, 2005 by KarmaGirl
I am seeing a bunch of hit and miss posts about issues that people are having.  However, it is impossible for the web programmers to find the reports in this fashion.  Though Cordelia can relay the messages, she can't actually fix the issues (as can none of us expect the web team).

So, please post your issues here.  *BUT*, when you do, make sure that you are giving every detail possible.  A "this site is acting odd" report will get us nowhere.  Post when, where, and h...
May 26, 2005 by KarmaGirl
I have recently read a bunch of threads that are nothing but pure harassment of fellow bloggers.  These type of threads are completely in violation of the Terms of Use of this site.

If I see these types of threads in the future, they will be removed from the forums.

This type of behavior is not acceptable.  People should be able to blog here without being harassed.